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      Let’s do a composite final standings predictions for the upcoming season just for fun. Send your predictions to me via the messaging system on this board (Click on your user name and the notifications page comes up. Then click on messages and you can send me your rankings at @rabitt74. I made a typo in registering and don’t know how to change it so my name is misspelled but that’s the way it goes.:). Send your rankings to me by August 30 and I will post the composite results on or about September 1. Some of you have already made predictions but send them to me by message anyway and you can change your predictions if you like. Don’t post what you have submitted on the actual board until after the composite comes out. That way we won’t influence each other too much. Be sure to indicate which are women’s predictions and which are your mens. (I will post this same message on the mens board)


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        Just a reminder to submit your picks for the final standings by Friday, August 30 and I will put out the results over the weekend. It has been suggested that I take picks until closer to the start of the season. I will do that and release our updated picks again when the league releases it’s picks. But l would like to see as many submissions now as possible for the first go round.


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          Below are the prediction results for final standings in the Summit League Women’s Basketball race. If you have not submitted your predictions, please do so and I will include them in the totals I post about the time that the league releases its media/coaches poll. I don’t think there predictions from more than one fan at any school so homer rankings kind of balance out. I award 9 points for a first place prediction, 8 for second and so on down the list.

          In spite of losing two of their all time great players to graduation, SDSU was again selected to win the Summit League regular season title with 4 of seven first place votes. Just three points back was USD. USD picked up 2 first place votes and ORU got one.

          SDSU (4) 60 PTS
          USD (2) 57 PTS
          ORU (1) 48 PTS
          DENVER 43 PTS
          WIU 31 PTS
          NDSU 27 PTS
          UND 23 PTS
          OMAHA 15 PTS
          PFW 11 PTS

          I will update these numbers about the time that the league releases its preseason rankings so if you have not done so yet, please submit your predictions.


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            The Summit League Media Day is scheduled for Monday, Oct. 7. I assume they will be announcing the media/coaches preseason picks that day. If you would like to update the predictions you submitted earlier or submit your pick for the first time, I will provide and updated Summitfans prediction results. Please submit any new or revised predictions by Saturday, Oct. 5. Send your predictions to me via the messaging system on this board (Click on your user name and the notifications page comes up. Then click on messages and you can send me your rankings at @rabitt74.)


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              South Dakota favored to take home Summit League title

              Here’s what the coaches picked:
              1) USD
              2) SDSU
              3) Denver
              4) ORU
              5) Western Illinois
              6) UND
              7) NDSU
              8) Omaha
              9) Fort Wayne

              Again, posters here were pretty aligned with the coaches poll, minus switching around 1 and 2.


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                Yeah. Pretty close. 1 & 2 switched, along with 3 & 4, and 6 & 7.

                Personally, I like our list better (except for 1 & 2 of course).

                With the Jacks, they are absolutely an elite team in terms of coaching, talent and size. I just think they are a little imbalanced this year between forwards and guards. They are very deep and talented at forward, but have some major question marks at guard. I could be way off-base with how forwards these days can all shoot the 3, but I have a feeling they will be a lot slower overall. Who knows.

                With ORU/Denver I could go either way. Both great, experienced coaches, and some size upgrades in the offseason. Both dangerous teams that could upset the SD teams at an inopportune time (like the tournament…)

                Normally I’m not a big fan of first year coaches getting hype, but I think in the case of NDSU it would be difficult to be much worse than they have been. I think Collins might bring some fresh ideas, and have his girls winning a few they wouldn’t have under the previous coach. I also really am not a fan of Coach Brewster at UND.

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