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      There appears to be enough interest to make this a fun activity. Here are the guidelines I will use. I am going to divide the competition into two parts, non-conference and conference. For the non-conference, I will pick what I think are the 10 most interesting games for the week. The list will go up by Friday of the preceding week and picks must be in1 hour before the first game starts. Interesting games will be those against similar caliber teams, games against future conference member UMKC, and games against P6 conference teams. ACC, Big 10, Big 12, Big East, PAC 12 and SEC. To add a little fun, in games against P6 teams, if you pick the Summit League team to win and they do, you will get five points instead of just 1. If you pick the P6 team to win and they do you will get just 1 point. Send your picks to me by the messaging system on this board, don’t post them on the board. The first round of games will be posted sometime next week, not later than Friday.

      Feel free to make suggestions on the guidelines.

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