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      Denver is the team that I follow. They are integrating a lot of new players that are going to see significant time this season. In the first 2 games they had close losses to quality teams. (UMKC and New Mexico St.) The UMKC loss was disappointing but they did not play well at all. They were not playing very good team basketball in either of the 2 losses.

      Over the last two games that has changed. They played very well as a team in a nice win against Wyoming and they were straight up dominant against Cal Poly today. I have no idea how good Cal Poly will be but on paper they have some very highly regarded post players. Denver shared the basketball extremely well and looked great. The most eye raising development is they appear to have made tremendous strides defensively as a team.

      It will be a little while until I accept that they are in fact better on defense as that has been a big issue but the possibility seems real. It will be fun to see if that is true or an aberration. In the post games over the last 2 season coach Turgeon has talked a lot about offense. That makes sense because that is what Denver has done well. These last 2 games the post game has been about D.

      For now I am pretty excited about the potential this team has for this season.


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        I’d say that opponent strength is hard to judge in WBB this early in the season. I mean, you can look at conference preseason picks for how the league is anticipating the strength of teams, but often they simply get it wrong.

        With that having been said, I’m very happy the Yotes are 4-0 against what is arguably a very tough non-conference schedule. Sure, they haven’t blown any teams out yet, but I think they have shown a lot of maturity in winning close games.

        Duffy has been playing very well, which we will absolutely need in order to accomplish our goals this year. Sjerven is still the difference-maker in the post we saw last year, with better FT shooting, but still getting into foul trouble (probably by our opponent’s game-planning). Monica Arens has really increased her impact on games in a similar “tough” way her sister did, so that is great to see. McKeever, Lamb and Frederick are very reliable role-players, as they were last year.

        We have seen a little more of Korngable and Kunzer off the bench, with a few highlights. Ugofsky is surprisingly playing more minutes than I expected at forward, given she is a freshman. She looks like a natural in this system, or a prototype for what Dawn likes to run. I wonder if her three-year HS commitment to the Yotes (and being a local player) played a factor in her readiness.

        Overall, I am encouraged by our offense, but surprised by how many points we are giving up. Dawn has always had us in the top of the conference in defensive stats, especially scoring defense. I wonder if tweaking the defense with the Summit’s arc-shooters in mind has made our interior a little softer? Or maybe it is just a caliber of opponent thing. Or adjusting to life without Allison Arens. Who knows.

        Happy to be 4-0.


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          Tomorrow should answer the question for the women’s side. If it is a lopsided win by the yotes, it will be 8 also rans into SLT. If the Jackrabbits can keep it close, there might be a chance to keep the yotes within arm’s length for the return game at Brookings. At this point, the middle of the pack is crowded outside of bison and mastodons cementing the bottom.

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