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      Dec. 09 North Dakota————-SMU
      Dec. 10 Purdue Fort Wayne—–Eastern Mich.
      Dec. 10 Northern Iowa————Omaha
      Dec. 11 Chattanooga————–South Dakota State
      Dec. 12 Denver———————Colorado
      Dec. 13 Evansville——————Purdue Fort Wayne
      Dec. 14 Central Mich————–South Dakota State
      Dec. 14 Oral Roberts—————Nebraska
      Dec. 15 Montana——————–South Dakota
      Dec. 15 Cleveland St—————Omaha

      Deadline, Monday, Dec 9, 6:00 pm


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        OLD HARE ———– 7 ——-57
        RABBIT74————- 8 ——-52
        HOOTFISH———— 8 ——45


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          Ah shoot, I messed up.

          I will probably drop out since not many are participating. If we can get more for conference I’ll rejoin.


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            What is the biggest reason the traffic has not perked on this site?


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              What is the biggest reason the traffic has not perked on this site?

              Good question. It seemed like we had a good deal of discussion early on, from several different teams. I’ve posted quite a bit on the Volleyball side of things, but in the last half of the season it seemed like I was just talking to myself. What’s the point, if there is no response?

              For football schools I can see why the overlap season can draw fans’ interest away from basketball, … but I had assumed this site would be a lot more active once BB took center stage. This IS primarily a BB league, after all.


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                The Midco and ESPN sources have brought many games to watch when I am not attending games. Of course, those games normally include I29 games. Even the opening games in Omaha for the Jackrabbits are likely to be broadcast on one or both. I am not sure about the USD/WIU opener. The NDSU men and women have had a number of games available. It may be that there has not been a large viewing audience and the football season post season is grabbing that scene. Also, the WIU and Denver and ORU WBB has not perked like I had expected. The Summit MBB has not shown a big step this year either while the Jackrabbits and Mastodons have slid some. NDSU has had a couple of impressive games for the men.

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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