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      Two Tuesday matches this week:
      7PM NDSU @ UND (stats)
      7PM Denver @ Omaha (vid) (stats)

      Friday 10/18
      7PM PFW @ SDSU (stats)
      7PM WIU @ USD (vid) (stats)
      7PM UND @ ORU (vid) (stats)

      Sunday 10/20
      1PM PFW vs. USD
      1PM NDSU @ ORU (stats)
      1PM WIU @ Denver (stats)

      Monday 10/21
      7PM SDSU @ Omaha (vid) (stats)


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        I was curious about why the odd schedule this week, with two matches Tuesday and one seemingly pushed to Monday instead of Sunday afternoon….

        I think both might be related to the Fall Home & Garden Expo at Baxter Arena all day Saturday. Friday night’s match may have been moved ahead to Tuesday for vendor set-up and Sunday’s afternoon’s match might have been pushed to Monday for vendor tear-down?

        Just a guess on my part. If true, oh well. Baxter is a multi-use facility, and has to make money. I’m sure it’s not ideal for the VB teams, though. SDSU having to travel to a Monday night match kinda sucks for the student-athletes.


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          Big match tonight in Omaha! Links above. Omaha also has an audio stream. Just check out their schedule HERE.


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            Should be fun! Go Mavs!!!


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              Wasn’t the result I wanted, but it was really good volleyball! It’s going to be a battle for the second seed between Denver and Fort Wayne the rest of the way it seems.


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                The commentators mentioned how many 5-set matches Omaha has lost this year. That has got to be a little demoralizing. They are certainly a better team than their record.

                I don’t think anything is set in stone at this point, other than UND being out of the running for a regular season title at 1-5. There are a whole bunch of 2-4 teams that will start to sort themselves out this weekend.

                USD, PFW and Denver have positioned themselves well for the stretch run, but there seem to have been a lot of upsets this year in Summit VB, so nobody has the luxury of complacency IMO.


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                  Bison took down UND pretty easily the other night. Haven’t been able to say that in a long time. Wow are they struggling this season. Wonder if it has to do with the coach leaving or turnover or both?


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                    Well the Fighting Hawks are showing signs of life— they just beat ORU in Tulsa.

                    The Jacks took the Dons to five sets as well. Does that reflect poorly on PFW or reflect well on SDSU? No idea, but a win is a win. (For the Dons)

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                      All the favored teams won their matches yesterday (Sunday).
                      USD and Denver swept, and NDSU beat ORU in 5 sets.

                      The SDSU @ Omaha match is tonight.

                      Also, the Denver @ UND postponed match apparently got re-scheduled to this Tuesday.


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                        Well, Omaha got back into form last night, beating the Jacks in straight sets. Now tied with NDSU for 4th in standings, two games back from PFW/Denver. They will likely need an upset or two to happen to get into the top 3. It could happen if they keep winning.

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